We are an extended family from the USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Wales and Ireland. Our last names are spelled a bit differently, but we are all descendants of Richard Wiggall who was born inx Cranham England in 1609! . . . read more

WIGGALL is the original spelling of the family name back in the 1600's. Our current family tree records go back to 1609 in Cranham England. We have records of eight generations of family all coming from three small villages in Gloucestershire England . . . read more

I am a retired, senior from Canton Michigan in the USA. I began an innocent search of my family roots several years ago. The story of what has developed since then is a total miracle and a gift from God. No human being could have orchestrated this project! . . . read more

In the early 1990's two Wiggle cousins lived very close to each other in Dearborn, Michigan in the USA. they had never met or knew the other existed. Ron was in his early 50's and anxious to learn more about his family, but was not gaining much ground . . . read more

Wiggall-Wiggill-Wiggle Family Contact Opportunity

This “family tree” project is recognized as a work-in-progress that will never be complete.  We are convinced that as many as a thousand family members may be as yet unknown to us.  If you feel that you may be a family member or believe that you know of a potential member of our extended family, we would like to hear from you.  We have provided an Email address below through which we can be contacted.

We may be contacted at: gcsw@wiggall-wiggill-wiggle-family.com


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