The Village of Kingham is located in the western border of Oxfordshire England, northwest from the Cities of Oxford and Woodstock, just southwest of Chipping Norton.  Just recently a contest run by Country Life Magazine chose Kingham as “the best place to live in rural England”.  This small Village with a population of 700 people,  holds very special connections to the Wiggall Family.

Richard Wiggall, Stone Mason

Richard Wiggall was born in the Village of Birdlip (Gloucestershire) in 1837.  Richard and his family moved to the Village of Kingham around 1884.  He was a very famous stone mason by this time in his life.  A retired clergyman and historian, wrote “The Wiggall Family In Kingham”.  It is a 7 page story of Richard Wiggall and his life in Kingham.  

Wiggall’s Corner

Before the Cousins Trip to England in March of 2002, Mike Wiggill from Utah went on line and found a Rental Cottage called “Wiggall’s Corner”. We knew little more of this establishment, other than it had our family name.  Since it was close to other places on our agenda, we decided to check it out and take a few photos. When we arrived the current owner greeted us and gave us the history of the house. We soon learned that Richard Wiggall built, owned and lived in this house now known as “Wiggall’s Corner”. Part of the building is now a Rental Cottage.  On the corner of the building is a sign “Wiggall’s Corner”.  It is a favorite photo spot for our family! 





Village Hall in Kingham, England
Built by Richard Wiggall and his Sons

Village Hall, Church & Cemetery

Richard and his sons also built the Village Hall.  It is located just around the block from “Wiggall’s Corner”.  The Village Cemetery is the burial spot for several member of Richard’s Family.  There are also three wrought iron benches in/or bordering the cemetery property that are dedicated to the Wiggall Family.


Wiggle / Wiggill Cousins at the
Kingham Hill School

Wiggle / Wiggill Cousins from the USA & Canada
At the Chapel Door of the Kingham Hill School
With a copy of the Current Edition of the Family Tree
May 2005

Kingham Hill School

Kingham Hill School is located about a mile out of the Village at the top of the hill.  It is a very well known boarding school, located on 90  acres of land overlooking the surrounding area.  Richard Wiggall and his sons did all the stone mason work for the buildings on this gorgeous campus in the early 1900‘s.

In March of 2002, a group of the Wiggle /Wiggill cousins from the USA took a trip to England and visited the school.  Our photo was taken, placed on their website and in the local newspapers.

In May of 2005, another group of the Wiggle / Wiggill cousins from the USA and Canada took a trip to England.  A visit to the Kingham Hill School was a must on our agenda.



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