There was a new term floating around England during our last trip there in May of 2005.  More than once somebody referred to Wiggle Weather”.    It seems that something awesome happens with the weather when our family has a gathering.  God has smiled down on us many times in the last few years.

August, 2000 was the year of our first large Wiggle Reunion in Canton Michigan.  Approximately 75 of the family were to gather in my backyard in Canton Michigan in the USA.  We have several acres of land and all the activities were to be held outside.  We all prayed for good weather for the day.  God was so good!  We had a beautiful, sunny, clear day for the nine hours the family were together.  As the last car pulled out of the driveway the heavens opened!  We had a real storm with  buckets of rain, thunder, lightning and  wind!  I smiled and remarked that the rain at 9:00 pm was God’s Blessing on our day!

August 2001 was the next year of our big Reunion in Canton.   Again we were to gather in my backyard and all the activities would be outside.  We were planning on more  than 70 members of the Wiggle Family that day from Arizona, California, Oregon, Ohio, Nebraska, Louisiana, Florida, New York, Michigan and England!  Some of the family came early to help set up.   As we were working it started to sprinkle a light rain.  We all prayed again for good weather for the day.  Jack Clark is married to a Wiggle Cousin and comes to all of our family gatherings.  He and Bonnie went to England with the Cousins in March of 2002.  It was always a fun moment when Jack introduced himself as “Jack, I’m not a Wiggle, Clark”.  This day Jack took the Welcome Sign and balloons out to the road.   As he literally put the sign in the ground the rain stopped.  It was beautiful all day.   Later that night, Jack walked out to the road to pick up the sign.  As he did, the rain started again!  Could this have happened two years in a row?  God was good to us again!

March 2002 was the first Cousins trip to England.  Thirteen of the WIGGLE Family left the Detroit Airport on March 2 for a week in England.  The weather prediction for that week was not good.  We intended to have a great week anyhow, but we did pray and ask God for decent weather for that week.   Most of that group had never been to England and some had never been out of the USA.  So this would be a very special week for this group of cousins.  Needless to say, the weather was great all week.  I have some photos of family in short sleeve shirts and this was the first week in March!  We never needed an umbrella or rain jacket the entire week.  As soon as we got home we received an email from the family in England.  As our plane lifted off the ground at Gatwick Airport heading for Detroit, the heavens opened in England…….and it rained all the next week!

August 2002, 2003 and 2004 were more gatherings for the family in Michigan.  On all three occasions, the weather was great for the entire day.  September 2003 four of us went from the USA to England for a two week trip to visit our new found family.  We traveled from London to Oxford to Winchester to Cranham to York and back to London.  We were blessed with sunny blue skies and  perfect fall temperatures for our entire visit.

May 2005 another group of Thirteen Cousins were going from the USA and Canada for the Big Reunion in England.  Phil from New York was watching the weather predictions for England the week before we left.  He kept emailing us that it was suppose to rain the entire week we were to be there.  So I sent out an email to the family and asked them to pray for good weather, especially for the big Reunion day in Cranham.  As our plane was preparing to land at Gatwick Airport, Sunday Morning, May 15th,  I told Phil to look out the window.  It was a beautiful, sunny clear day………and it stayed that way all week.  Several days the weather prediction was for rain.  And in parts of England it did rain.  But wherever we were, the weather was perfect!

The day of the Reunion in Cranham came with prediction for rain all day in that part of England.  That morning it was cloudy and drizzled a bit of rain.  Family driving to Cranham from the Oxford area remarked that it poured rain on their entire drive.  As they turned on the road for the Village of Cranham, the rain stopped.  The group from the USA and Canada came that day in the minibus that we had for the week.  It was gloomy on our drive into Cranham.  As we literally stepped off the bus someone told us to “look up”.  The sun literally parted the clouds and seemed to be beaming down on the Village Hall.  Word started traveling fast that afternoon about “Wiggle Weather”.   We had gorgeous weather for the remainder of the day…and week.  Again we learned that as our plane left the ground at Gatwick Airport on Saturday, May 21st,   the heavens opened and it rained for days!  

This last Saturday, August 6, 2005, the Michigan Wiggles gathered in our backyard for another Reunion.  Needless to say we had a glorious day of “Wiggle Weather”.

God has truly smiled down on our family!



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