WIGGALL is the original spelling of the family name back in the 1600’s. Our current family tree records go back to 1609 in Cranham England. We have records of eight generations of the family all coming from three small villages in Gloucestershire England called Cranham, Painswick or Upton St. Leonard. There are many of the WIGGALL family still living in England today.

Isaac Wiggall was born in England in 1789. On January 10, 1820, Isaac, his wife Elizabeth and four children, Eli, George, Joseph and Elizabeth left England for South Africa. At that time over 4000 British men, women and children went to Southern Africa as “The 1820 Settlers”. The Family arrived in Algoa Bay, South Africa on April 29, 1820. At that time the spelling of the family name somehow got changed from Wiggall to Wiggill. All of the records for Isaac and all his descendants from this time on (eight more children were born in South Africa) show the name spelled WIGGILL. A large number of the Wiggill Family still reside in South Africa.

Eli Wiggill, the eldest son of Isaac Wiggill, converted to Mormonism while in South Africa. In 1861 Eli and his wife Susanna left South Africa for America to settle in Salt Lake City, Utah. (There is a fascinating 60-page autobiography of Eli Wiggill and his life from England to South Africa to Salt Lake City). All of the descendants of Eli Wiggill have the WIGGILL spelling of the name. Most of these descendants live in the western United States area of Utah, Montana, Oregon and in southern Alberta Canada.

In looking at different documents, there was only one family in the 1600, 1700 or 1800’s with the spelling of the name WIGGLE. It shows Miles Wiggle, born in 1791 in Painswick England. He had six children Richard, Daniel, Isaac, Eli, Elizabeth & Isabella. All of their descendants continued with the WIGGLE spelling of the name.

The descendants of Richard Wiggle came to America and settled in the state of Illinois. Daniel Wiggle has no descendants as he only lived to be three years old. We do not know of any descendants of Isaac Wiggle. Most of the descendants of Eli Wiggle still remain in England! We’ve just recently found some of Eli’s descendants in New Zealand and Ireland! We have no information about the descendants of Elizabeth & Isabella.

There is a large group of the WIGGLE family with their origins in Michigan. We can trace our family back to Julius Wiggle born in 1841. But we have yet to make our official connection to the descendants of Miles Wiggle.


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