In the early 1990’s two Wiggle cousins lived very close to each other in Dearborn, Michigan in the USA. They had never met or knew the other existed. Ron was in his early 50’s and anxious to learn more about his family, but was not gaining much ground in his family search. Harry was a retired pharmacist in his late 80’s.

Both of these men had identical tape recorders that broke at the same time. They both took their broken machines to the same repair shop in Dearborn Michigan at the same time. They both left the last name of “Wiggle” on the repair tag. When the machines were fixed they easily got into the wrong hands. When they realized the problem, the repair shop man gave them each other’s phone numbers and they met to exchange machines. Ron took along his micro audio recorder, hoping visit with Harry and learn some information about his family. They sat for quite a while that day while Harry shared much of his family history into this micro audio recorder. Ron saved that miniature tape for many years.

In June of 2000, I met Ron for the first time and he brought the tape recorder with him. On that tape was information about my Grandfather, his siblings, their names, my Great Grandfather and lots of family information that I never knew existed. Harry had died a few years prior to this meeting. All this information would have died with him, it if weren’t for those broken tape recorders!


Ken & Sandy WIGGLE lived in an apartment in South Lyon, Michigan. Terry & Sandy WIGGLE lived upstairs in the same apartment building. They met one day when the mailman mixed up the mail for the two Sandy Wiggles. They had never met, nor knew the other existed. Ken’s Great Grandfather and Terry’s Grandfather were cousins and had lived in the City of Detroit most of their lives.



Tricia Wiggle was the main hostess for a very classy restaurant in the City of Detroit. Ron & Rose Wiggle called to make reservations. They gave the last name of “Wiggle” and Tricia thought they were playing a prank since her last name was Wiggle. It was a neat day when they all met and realized they had more family in the area.



In April of 2000, I sent out a form letter to people with the spelling of the last name “Wiggle”. Within days I received a email from a Cousin who happened to be a pilot with a major airline. He was excited to know he had more family and was anxious to meet them. The family was having their first big Reunion in August of that year and I invited the him to come to Michigan and meet his family. I knew that his airline flew into Detroit Metropolitan Airport and suggested he get the airline to assign him the flight to Detroit for that day. I was rather naïve in understanding the airline business. After a few weeks I received an email stating the pilot was flying to Detroit on the day of the Reunion and requested a pick up at the airport. I excitedly thought his airline had granted his wish.

He flew into Detroit, was picked up and came to meet many of his excited new cousins. The rest of the family soon learned the true story of his flight to Detroit. The very day in July that he received his hardcopy notice about the Family Reunion, he received his manifest from the airline assigning his flights for the month of August. Sure enough he was assigned the flight to Detroit…..without ever requesting it. The awesome fact that gives one goose bumps, is that he had never before or has never since been assigned the flight to Detroit! Were we destined to meet???????


In May of 2002, two members of our extended family were both searching for information about their family at the same time. They met one day in a chat room of a Genealogy Web Site. At that moment, Keith was working as a Teacher of English in the country of Brunei (Indonesia). Bob was living in Northern England. They chatted for a few moments and Keith asked Bob where he lived? When Keith learned Bob was from England, he needed more detailed information. Keith soon learned that Bob lived just a few miles down the road from his parents in Northern England. They exchanged names, addresses and phone numbers. Soon the families in England met for the first time. I had met Keith’s parents on a recent trip to England. They knew of me and my interest in the family history. Keith’s parents knew we were having a Family Reunion that summer and gave Bob my email address.

Many emails crossed the pond in the next few weeks. Bob & Jennie were anxious to meet their family in the USA. Not many weeks after meeting Keith in that chat room, Bob & Jennie were flying to the USA for the first time and meeting many of their new found cousins at the Reunion in Michigan!

Jennie, Pat, Bob & Frank
Wiggle Cousins from Yorkshire England

wiggill rose