Most of the records for our family to date, show them coming from the area of Gloucestershire England. That is located in the southwestern part of England, also known as The Cotswolds.

Our Family Tree information takes us back to 1609 and the Village of Cranham. That is located just southeast of the City of Gloucester. Several generations of the family came from that Village. Within a few short miles, you will also find the Villages of Painswick, Upton St. Leonards, Birdlip, Badgeworth, Berkeley and Sheepscombe. Many of the descendants of Richard Wiggall were born and lived in these villages.

If you go on line to www.Google,com and type in “Map of Gloucestershire England”, you will find a map of that County showing the cities of Gloucester and Stroud. The Villages of our Ancestors are between that area of Gloucestershire.

Richard Wiggall, the stone mason, was born in the Village of Birdlip. Later in his life he moved to the Village of Kingham in the County of Oxfordshire. It was there that he and his sons did the stone mason work on many of the buildings in the Village and for the Kingham Hill School.

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